Bliss Balls Natural Food

Eat nutritious whole foods with all natural ingredients. I try to minimise my bodies chemical exposure by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, leafy greens and whole foods without additives or preservatives.

This approach to eating makes me feel good in so many ways; my skin looks better, it keeps my weight down and I have more energy.  I also feel comforted knowing that my family are eating foods that are only nourishing them with a rich source of nutrients. Most of all, I enjoy eating the most delicious foods every day!

Evidence suggests that this is the best approach to your long-term wellness and helps to avoid the lifestyle diseases.

Living a healthier lifestyle has become a passion for me and is one of the best choices I have ever made.

I am a busy mother of three, so like to prepare simple, quick homemade meals, snacks and desserts.

Here you will find a selection of my go-to recipes, some of which reflect my love of essential oils which I love to combine with my food.

I hope you enjoy!

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