Why every home should have a doTerra Home Essential Oils Kit

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I’m on a mission to help people find natural alternatives for their health and their home. Most of the products that you use around your home have harmful ingredients in them that can cause major issues to your health. 

My favourite all natural ingredients to use are essential oils. They are so versatile and can be used for so many different things. 

Essential oils have helped me replace so many products in my house, from cooking products to cleaning products to skincare products as well as some items in my medicine cabinet.

The possibilities of how you can use essential oils are endless.  See below how I use the oils in the Home Essential Kit – most of which I use daily.

The kit comes with a diffuser plus 10 of the most popular essential oils in the doTerra range:

  • Single Oils

    Frankincense (15ml)

    Lavender (15ml)

    Lemon (15ml)

    Oregano (15ml)

    Melaleuca (Tea Tree) (15ml)

    Peppermint (15ml)


  • Blends

    Digest Zen (15ml)

    Easy Air (15ml)

    Ice Blue (5ml)

    On Guard (15m)


+ Petal diffuser


10 uses For Frankincense

Skin – Add a few drops to your moisturiser to reduce the appearance of blemishes and to rejuvenate the skin. Frankincense helps protect skin cells.

Bath – Add a few drops of Frankincense Essential oil to your bath to help relieve your stress at the end of the day.

Diffuse – Add Frankincense to your diffuser each morning and before commencing your morning yoga or meditation practice. It will help bring peace, relaxation to your morning and a positive and focused lift for the rest of your day.

Cellular Health – Take one to two drops in a Veggie capsule to promote a healthy cellular function.

Muscle Relief – Use Frankincense with a cold compress after your workout to relieve tired and sore muscles and to cool down and relax.

Focus – Diffuse 4 drops Peppermint oil, 4 drops Lemon oil and 2 drops Frankincense oil or make a roller blend using fractionated coconut oil to help with your concentration.

Tea enhancer – Dilute a drop of Frankincense in your herbal tea each day to maintain good health

Cleaner – Frankincense is an antiseptic, it will help eliminate bacteria and viruses from your home. Add to your own natural all purpose cleaning spray.

Calm – Apply a couple of drops to the bottom of your feet, your neck or chest to help relax and calm and reduce anxiety.

Skin – Frankincense can help with wound healing and decrease the appearance of scars, stretch marks and eczema. Mix 2-3 drops with fractionated coconut oil.

10 uses for Lavender

Sleep – Diffuse, add a few drops of Lavender to your pillow or to bottom of your feet for a restful night’s sleep.

Skin – Sooth skin irritations by applying a few drops of Lavender to fractionated coconut oil and then rub gently to the irritated area.

Bath – Add a few drops to your bath water for a relaxing bath.

Room Fragrance – Combine Lavender with water in a glass spray bottle to create a natural, toxic free air freshener and remove unwanted odours in your home.

Skin – Mix Lavender with Frankincense to reduce sun spots. Apply in the morning, after your shower and also before you go to bed.

Diffuse – Add 3 drops Lavender and 3 drops Frankincense to unwind at the end of the day.

Burns – Apply Lavender to affected area to help soothe skin irritation, relieve redness and ease swelling.

Laundry – Add a few drops of Lavender to a flannel and place in your tumble dryer to give your laundry a beautiful fresh scent.

Mind – Clear your mind. Apply a couple of drops of Lavender to your temples and the back of your neck to relieve stress and anxiety and to promote calm.

Linen Spray – Combine Lavender with water in a glass spray bottle to and spray on your fresh laundry.

10 uses for Lemon

Add to water – Add 1-2 drops of Lemon to your water for a refreshing taste or add to warm water and honey for a soothing drink. Lemon naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion support a healthy immune function.

Cleaning – Make your own natural cleaning spray. Add Lemon to glass spray bottle of water and vinegar and use to clean your kitchen and bathroom.

Polish – Lemon makes a great furniture polish. Just add a few drops to olive oil or coconut oil to clean, protect, and shine wood finishes.

Stubborn sticky remover – Put some Lemon on a rag and use to remove that stubborn sticky residue or remove those sticky labels by applying directly to the label, wait a few minutes and then it will peel off.

Laundry – Add a few drops of Lemon to a flannel and place in your tumble dryer to give your laundry a beautiful fresh scent.

Improves Mood – Energise and lift your mood by adding Lemon oil to your diffuser or rubbing a drop on your hands or to the back of your neck.

Stay focussed – Diffuse Lemon with Peppermint while studying to stay focussed or make a roller blend using fractionated coconut oil for school.

Healthy snacks – Make Lemon Bliss balls. A nourishing, health snack which are easy to make.

Immune support – Add Lemon to fractionated coconut oil and rub on your neck to help support your immunity,

Diffuse – Add lemon to your diffuser for your home to smell fresh, bright and clean as well as cleansing and purifying the air.

10 uses for Oregano

WARNING: Be very careful with Oregano essential oil as it is a very hot oil and one drop is usually enough. Make sure you dilute it with Fractionated Coconut oil or another carrier oil

Cleaner – Oregano is a powerful cleansing and purifying agent. Add 10 drops in a 500ml spray bottle of water to use as a natural non-toxic counter-top spray.

Food – Add 1 drop of Oregano to your pasta sauce, pizza sauce, on a roast or any other recipe that calls for oregano. As Oregano oil is very strong, you may want to use a toothpick to slowly add the oregano to the recipe. It is also preferable to add the oil at the end of cooking, as heat can alter essential oils. One drop of Oregano essential oil can replace one tablespoon of ground oregano.

Skin – Oregano (diluted in coconut oil) can be used on skin infections to boost healing.

Immune Support – Add 1 drop of each of Oregano, On Guard, Lemon and Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Oil with 1 tablespoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to the bottom of your feet, chest and throat to support a healthy immune system.

Digestion – Oregano supports healthy digestion. When experiencing occasional digestive issues, dilute one drop in water and drink.

Diffuse – Diffuse a few drops of Oregano with a few drops of Easy Air at night time for respiratory support.

Immune Support – Oregano is a rich source of antioxidants. Take a few drops of Oregano Oil in a veggie capsule for periodic immune support.

Fungal – oregano is used today is to treat funguses and candida.  It is effective for athletes foot and fungal infection

Mouthwash – with oregano oil. It will help improve gum conditions, combact infection and inflammation keeping your mouth fresh.

Skin – It can be effective in removing warts when used diluted on the skin.

10 uses for Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

Skin irritations – Melaleuca has purifying and toning properties. It helps sooth scrapes or skin irritations. Just dilute with Fractioned Coconut Oil and apply to the affected area.

Nails – Keep your fingernails and toenails healthy and strong by applying Melaleuca after showering.

Cleaner – Melaleuca is great to use to clean your house. Add 8-10 drops to 500ml glass water spray bottle filled with water. It works really well in damp places and in your bathroom.

Laundry – Freshen your laundry. Just add a few drops of Melaleuca to your detergent when washing your clothes and linen.

Toilet Cleaner – Make your toilet cleaner. Just combine 10 drops of Melaleuca with 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup vinegar to clean your toilet.

Skin– Add two drops of Melaleuca to your facial cleanser or moisturiser for added cleansing properties to help keep your skin clean, toned, and healthy looking.

Immunity – Add 1-2 drops in your water for a refreshing taste and to help support healthy immune system function.

Razor – Sooth razor burn by applying Melaleuca after shaving.

Mouthwash – Make your own natural mouthwash and breath freshener by adding 4-5 drops each of Melaleuca and Peppermint to a small glass spray bottle filled with water.

Diffusing – Add 2 drops of Lemon, 2 drops of Eucalyptus, 1 drop of Melaleuca and 1 drop of Peppermint to your diffuser for a rejuvenating diffuser bend that will cleanse the air and awaken your senses. 

10 uses for Peppermint

Diffuse – combine 2 drops of Peppermint, 3 drops of Grapefruit, and 2 drops of Sandalwood into a diffuser. Using Peppermint in your diffuser will produce a cooling, invigorating vapour.

Food – Add Peppermint to make Raw Peppermint Slice. A healthy, yummy treat.

Breath Freshener – Make your own breath freshener by mixing one drop of Peppermint with one drop of Lemon in water. Then take a sip and swirl around in your mouth.

Easy Breathing – Support healthy breathing and open airways by diluting a drop of Peppermint with fractionated coconut oil and applying under your nose. Rub 2 drops to your palms and inhale to help to open airways and to breath easily. Peppermint acts as an expectorant and may provide relief for colds, cough, sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis.

Skin – Use Peppermint as a facial treatment and benefit from its anti-microbial properties so is an excellent ingredient to help cure acne naturally.

Calm – Feeling stressed? Apply 1 drop of Peppermint and 1 drop of Lavender diluted to your neck and forehead to relieve stress and tension.

Digestion – Rub a couple of drops on your tummy for occasional digestion discomfort.

Focus – Peppermint improves mental focus. Diffuse Lemon with Peppermint while studying to stay focussed or make a roller blend using fractionated coconut oil for school.

Body – Peppermint is a very effective natural painkiller and muscle relaxant. Cool and soothe occasional aching muscles and joints.

Relieves Headache – Peppermint has the ability to improve circulation, heal the gut and relax tense muscles. All of these conditions can cause tension headaches or migraines making peppermint oil an excellent natural treatment.

10 uses for DigestZen

  • For the occasional stomach upset, add 1 drop of DigestZen to your glass of water and take it internally.
  • DigestZen is a great tummy tamer for children. Dilute 1 drop of DigestZen with Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage onto your child’s tummy.
  • DigestZen is great to have on hand when going out for dinner to help promote digestion when eating heavier meals. It contains a blend of essential oils that will naturally aid the body in the digestion of food. Add a few drops to water to drink.
  • Eases feeling of queasiness.
  • Helps relieve bloating and gas.
  • DigestZen can also be used to relive tension and sinus pressure. Simply dilute and apply to your temples.
  • Make your own mouthwash by adding 1-2 drops to 150mls water.
  • Diffuse DigestZen in a car to help promote calm tummies.
  • Rub on the stomach before flying or taking a road trip for a calming aroma and motion sickness
  • Take DigestZen internally when traveling or trying new foods to soothe occasional stomach upset.

10 uses for Easy Air (Breathe in the US)

  • Apply Easy Air to your chest and inhale deeply to experience a cooling and invigorating vapor. This application will also help you maintain feelings of clear airways.
  • Make your own roller bottle of diluted Easy Air for seasonal respiratory support. Use 1-5 drops to 10ml of Fractionated Coconut Oil depending on the age. Apply to your chest and inhale deeply to clear your airways.
  • Sleep easier at night by adding a few drops to your diffuser by the bed. Easy Air promotes a calming effect.
  • Apply a drop of Easy Air to your palms and take a deep breath to invigorate and enhance breathing.
  • Boost your brain power and concentration. Diffuse Easy Air in your workspace or add a drop to your palms and inhale.
  • Support your immune system during change of season. Diffuse Easy Air, On Guard and Manuka essential oils.
  • Add a few drops on a pillow to help you sleep easier at night.
  • Add 1 drop of Easy Air and 1 drop of Wintergreen oil in a sink of hot water. Then place a damp towel over your head and inhale deeply.
  • Easy air is great to use if you are feeling anxious or claustrophobic.
  • Use Easy Air to diffuse the house for dispelling the aromas of pets.

10 uses for Ice Blue (Deep Blue in the US)

  • Rub Ice Blue on your muscles before and after exercise to reduce discomfort.
  • Apply Ice Blue to your hands and feet after gardening to help relieve any discomfort.
  • Rub Ice Blue on your lower back after any hard lifting. The cooling effect will bring you relief.
  • If you spend a lot of time on the computer or your phone, try rubbing some Ice Blue on your fingers, wrists, shoulders and neck. You can also purchase the Ice Blue Rub which is a topical cream.
  • Ice Blue diluted with Fractionated coconut oil is a great for massaging after a long day or after a workout.
  • Massage Ice Blue with a few drops of Fractionated coconut oil onto your growing child’s legs before bedtime.
  • Going on a hike or long bike ride, take some Ice Blue with you to help sooth tired muscles.
  • If your child comes home from school or sport with a few bumps, apply Ice Blue diluted to the affected areas to help support localised blood flow.
  • Relieve occasional cramps by making your own roller blend. Add 15 drops Lavender Oil, 10 drops Peppermint Oil, 4 drops Balance and 3 drops Ice Blue in a 5ml roller bottle and fill the rest with Fractionated coconut oil.
  • Make your own muscle support that you can take with you wherever you go. Add 5 drops Frankincense, 10 drops Lemongrass and 20 drops Ice Blue in a 10ml roller bottle and fill with Fractionated coconut oil.

10 uses for On Guard

  • Support your immune and respiratory systems. Add two to three drops in a veggie capsule to boost your immunity.
  • Diffuse On Guard for an uplifting scent which will help purify the air.
  • Rub on the bottom of your child’s feet during flu season for seasonal support. Make sure you dilute it first.
  • For an effective, natural and non toxic all purpose cleaner, add On Guard to a spray bottle filled combined with water and vinegar. I use this for mopping my floors too.
  • Slice some apples and place in water. Add a few drops of On Guard to the water and let the apples soak for a few minutes. Remove the apples and enjoy a healthy, immune boosting snack.
  • Clean your bath tub using On Guard. Mix 5-6 drops with half a cup of bicarb soda to clean your bath tub. No more chemicals.
  • Add a few drops of On Guard to your car’s cabin air filter to remove the odours.
  • Oven Cleaner – Make a mix of bicarb, water, On Guard and Lemon Essential Oil, apply, then scrub off.
  • Gargle with a few drops of On Guard as a healthy mouth rinse for an irritated throat.
  • Make your own natural hand cleanser by combining a few drops of On Guard and Fractionated Coconut Oil.


You can purchase doTerra Essential Oils through The Wild Olive online store  in 2 ways:

  1. Purchase at retail prices
  2. Purchase at wholesale prices by opening a wholesale account

A wholesale account gives you a 25% discount on everything for a year.  It’s similar to Costco where you pay a membership but that gives access to the discounted price.  The membership is $35 for a year ($25 to renew but includes a $26 bottle of oil!).  Buying the Home Essentials kit waivers this fee.

With a wholesale account, there are also options available to receive 10-30% back in FREE product points and the ability to receive the product of the month for FREE.

The membership gives you your own online account where you can place your future orders and deliveries straight to your home.

There is no monthly minimum spend and never any obligation to ever buy. Your membership can be cancelled at any time.

It is certainly cost effective by buying the Home Essentials Kit instead of buying the oils separately.  Purchasing the Home Essential Kit was one of the best value purchases I have ever made.

These amazing oils have replaced so many toxic products that I used to buy. It’s hard to believe that it saves me money too!

The Home Essentials kit is a perfect to start your oily journey and to help you transform your home to a natural, low tox, chemical free home.

Buy your Home Essentials kit here

If you are wanting to find out more information, then send me an email at:

jo@thewildolive.com.au and I can answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to helping you to embrace these oils into your life!


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